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Guided Implant Surgery

This course will take you through a guided implant surgery workflow, making implant placement more predictable and giving you specific guidance for implementation into your daily practice. During the course, you will scan patients for the implant restoration at time of surgery to save chair time after the implant has healed. During this live patient surgery course, you will learn guided implant placement in an abundant bone site. You will learn how to fabricate a guide in your office and how to request a lab fabricated guide. You will also learn when to place a cover screw versus a healing abutment and the proper healing abutment choice.

If you would like to fabricate the implant restorations, check out our Implant Restorations course and you can restore the same patient you worked on.

IPATH Lecture

What you'll learn

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Course Objectives:
Symposium Details:
  • To learn how to place guided implants in an abundant bone site.
  • To learn how to fabricate a guide in house, or how to get a lab fabricated guide.
  • To learn when to use a cover screw versus healing abutment and which healing abutment to use.


Register for Sessions 2/3 or 4 and Session 1 is Included

Session 1-4: Live Surgery



Session 1-4: Live Surgery

Live surgery patient education, right here in the USA.

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