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Dr. Katie Kennedy

Kennedy & Limardi Family Dental


Buffalo Grove, IL

I attended the Same Day Smile Design course through Clinical Pathway in February, and it was the best CE course I've ever attended. I have been working with Cerec technology since 2012 so I'm very comfortable using the system, but I never felt confident with approaching cosmetic cases- especially in one day. I just recently completed my first same day smile makeover in my office (#6-11) and it turned out beautiful and the patient was thrilled. I would have never had the confidence to do this case with Cerec until I took this course. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for more confidence with anterior crowns and complex cosmetic cases! The teachers/mentors were also the best and so approachable. Just an awesome experience!

Steve Karmy, DDS

Wheatland Family Dental


Walla Walla, WA

You can take Implant Pathway over the course of a week and come back to your office on Monday, ready to start placing implants without issue. This whole program is just really well put together.

The more I got to know Dr. Justin D. Moody and his faculty, it became evident that they’re going to, not only teach you implant dentistry, but once you invest in taking Implant Pathway, they’re with you all the way. You can text them, call them — if you have a question, they’re there for you. Their whole program really goes above and beyond what you would normally experience in any other implant course. Now, one year later, I look forward to placing implants in my practice and I get excited when I see an implant on my schedule.

Randy Houska, DDS

Houska Dental in Vermillion, SD
Dental surgery

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Dental surgery