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Join Dr. August de Oliveira while he teaches you the most modern techniques in restorative dentistry. Take a deep dive into the world of all things digital while leveling up your education. Not only will you learn from lectures and hands-on exercises, you will also learn from working on live patients in Arizona.

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Restorative Solutions

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Full Arch Digital Restorative Solutions

Price: $4,995 | 24 CE Credits

Dr. August de Oliveira leads this 3 day, hands on live patient course we will dive into the world of all digital, model free hybrids. On day one we will cover types of hybrids, intra oral scanners and photogrammetry. In the afternoon on day one we will focus on 3D printing and the next morning where we will print out implant analog models, assembly them, and print and characterize Hybrids using the Sprintray Pro 55 printer. On Friday afternoon and Saturday we will take those skills to the clinic where we will scan and deliver hybrid restorations.

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