The Top 5 Benefits Of Providing Dental Implants To Your Patients

The Top 5 Benefits Of Providing Dental Implants To Your Patients

If you’re thinking about CE to place dental implants, you’re making a great decision. Dental implants are, simply, the very best way to replace missing teeth. If you choose to come to The Pathway for dental implant training, you’ll get the expert instruction you need to implement dental implants into your practice.

However, many doctors wonder, is it really worth it to offer dental implants to your patients? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Dental implants can be life-changing for your patients, and can be great for your practice’s bottom line, too. Read on to learn about the top five benefits of providing dental implants to your patients.

1. Improved Patient Satisfaction

As dentists, our goal is always to provide the very best care to patients when they walk through our doors. If you expand your practice to offer dental implants, that’s exactly what you’ll do. It’s not an exaggeration to say that dental implants are the best way to permanently restore missing teeth.

They last longer, look and feel more natural, and provide a better overall treatment experience compared to alternatives like dental bridges and dentures. Dental implants also help protect your patient’s oral health after treatment by stimulating their jaw bone. Your patients are sure to love their new smiles, and improved patient satisfaction is always a good thing!

2. Better Patient Retention

If you offer dental implants to your patients, you can improve overall patient retention, too. When a patient says that they're interested in dental implants, there’s no need to refer them to outside offices.

Instead, you’ll be able to handle the entire dental implant process in-house. From the initial consultation to implant placement surgery, implant restoration, and even future implant maintenance as part of a patient’s six-month checkups, you’ll be able to do it all under one roof. In turn, that leads to better overall patient retention. 

3. Superior Profit Potential

Dental implants can be a highly profitable procedure for your dental practice. Unfortunately, not all dental insurances cover dental implants so providing patients with the ability to finance their dental implants will help them afford the treatment they need. 

We also recommend getting your office set up with a dental financing company like Proceed Finance. With financing from Proceed Finance, your patients can split the cost of their dental implants into low monthly payments. They can get treatment now, restore their smile, and pay over time.

4. Change Lives With Same-Day Immediate Care

If you choose to offer dental implants, you can truly transform a patient’s life in just one appointment. Having the tools to place immediate dental implants (when appropriate) allows you to get your patient out of pain and set them up for success in just one visit.

While it’s easy to think about profits and other benefits to your practice, this is just as important. If you choose to learn how to place dental implants and provide them to your patients, you can change their lives for the better.

Get Hands-On Dental Implant Training From The Experts At The Pathway

At The Pathway, we go beyond theory and classroom training. When you train with us, you can learn the basics of implant placement from top experts like Dr. Justin Moody, and you’ll also get hands-on training in a real clinical environment. Best of all, your dental assistant gets to come along for free.

If you’re interested in offering dental implants at your office, The Pathway has the courses you need. Learn more about our Implant Pathway training courses here, or feel free to give us a call at (888) 309-2423 if you have any questions or need more information.

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