Are Dental Implants Profitable? Yes (And Here’s What You Need To Know)

Are Dental Implants Profitable? Yes (And Here’s What You Need To Know)

If you’re thinking about enrolling in the Implant Pathway course at The Pathway to learn how to place dental implants at your practice, one of your main concerns may be profitability. Investing in the education and tools that you need to place dental implants at your office isn’t cheap, after all. 

So the big question is, are dental implants profitable and is it worth offering them at your practice? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Dental implants are highly profitable, and by offering them at your practice, you can put yourself on a path toward sustained growth. 

Dental Implant Profit Margins Can Be As High As 40%

Overall, the profit margin of dental implants hovers around 30%, and can be as high as 40%. Profit margins depend on the specifics of each case you take, the equipment you must purchase to offer dental implants, how much you’re paying lab partners for dental implants, and other factors. 

This means that dental implants can be a very powerful profit center for your dental practice. Whether you’re looking to expand to new locations or just invest in the financial success of your current practice, offering dental implants at your office is a fantastic way to enhance your cash flow and profits.

Offering Dental Implants Lets You Keep More Business In-House

Dental implants are a great option to replace missing teeth for your patients. If you don’t offer them to your patients, you may need to refer them to another dentist or an oral surgeon who offers this treatment.

There’s nothing wrong with building referral relationships, of course. However, if you can offer dental implants to patients without referring them to an outside specialist, this makes their treatment simpler and more convenient. It can even save your patients a bit of money.

This also helps you build a deeper relationship with your patients. If you’re the one who places their dental implants, they're much more likely to come back to your office for routine check-ups, or for follow-ups to maintain their oral health.

You Can Give Options To Patients Who Need Financial Assistance

Dental insurance plans often don’t cover dental implants, which can make patients apprehensive about committing to treatment. However, you can offer flexible options that help patients stay within their budgets. 

By working with healthcare lenders or creating an in-house payment plan, you can break a costly procedure down into reasonable monthly payments for patients if cost is a barrier to implant treatment.

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At The Pathway, we’re passionate about the benefits of dental implants for both dentists and their patients. Through our Implant Pathway training course, we offer the ability to combine education with patient giveback in Gilbert, AZ. Once you complete the Implant Pathway course, you’ll be fully equipped to offer dental implants at your practice. You’ll get the hands-on, real-world experience you need to expand your dental services with confidence.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our course catalog for details and to sign up for the Implant Pathway training course. You can also contact us online or give us a call at (888) 309-2423 if you have questions or want any more information about any of our continuing education courses for dentists.

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