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Live Patient Training With CEREC

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CEREC CAD/CAM is a game-changing technology that allows you to create beautiful, durable, and long-lasting restorations in a single visit.  You have complete control, incredible results, and happier patients, who are appreciative of not only the investment that you made in technology to better their experience, but of the gift of time that same day dentistry offers them.

Change can be intimidating, especially when a new technology is introduced. This is why at The Pathway, we offer live patient training with CEREC as part of our Restorative Pathway training courses. We want doctors and team members to gain real-world experience by treating conditions that they see everyday in their own practices.

Take a walk down the CEREC Pathway with Dr. Kristine Aadland as she shows you how to maximize your CEREC machine for your practice and your patients. CEREC Pathway is one of the many pathways offered at The Pathway. We focus on combining live patient dental education while giving back to those less fortunate.

Train, Prepare, And Transform Your Practice With CEREC

At CEREC Pathway, learn how to implement single-visit dentistry using CEREC technology. You will learn key concepts on how to deliver same day restorations chairside in a practical and efficient manner. Let us change the way you see CEREC forever. From theory and techniques to real-life, hands-on training, you’ll get a truly comprehensive education, and have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of patients, too.

CEREC Pathway Courses Offered:

Same-Day Smiles

Many CEREC users are shy to take advantage of their CAD/CAM system for anteriors. This is a course designed to overcome that fear by giving the doctors ample practice to develop their skills creating anterior restorations. This course takes place in Tempe, AZ over three days.

Day 1: Dr. Aadland will lecture on key concepts for smile design and the doctors participate in hands-on exercises.

Day 2: The second day begins with treatment planning of a variety of different situations that we see in our everyday practices and discussion of how to treat each of these smiles.  Attendees will be assigned his or her own patient and will then prep, design, mill and characterize the treatment planned restorations from of a 3D model. After this is completed, the class reviews what was done, learning what we like and what can be improved upon the following day.

Day 3: This is when all of the learning from the previous two days is put to the test, as the doctors will take the case they practiced from the day before into action on the actual patient assigned to them. This Same Day Smile transformation is not only life changing for the patient with their new smile, but also for the doctor and team members as they witness the transformation they created with their own hands!

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Single Implant Restoration Using CEREC Workflow

Restoring implants with your CEREC CAM/CAM machine is the biggest ROI you have. If you’re interested in using your CEREC for implant restorations, this course is right for you. You’ll work on a variety of different restorations in different situations, including screw retained crowns, split implant crowns, anterior implant crowns, and immediate temporization. With both lectures and hands-on experience, you’ll gain the confidence you need to offer CEREC implant restorations at your practice.  This course takes place in Tempe, AZ over two days.

Day 1:
Dr. Aadland will begin the first half of the day with a lecture focusing on the different ways to restore implants using the CEREC and demystify the parts and pieces involved with implant restorations, including variable height tibases. The afternoon will consist of implant impressions with the CEREC on actual patients to put that knowledge to the test. After the impressions are completed, the class then dives into the fabrication of the restorations.

Day 2: The second day consists of both scanning and delivering multiple types of implant restorations and focusing on what makes a good implant restoration at the time of delivery. The goal is to gain confidence and efficiencies to take home to your practice the very next day! 


Got questions about CEREC? We’ve put together a few answers to common FAQs below. Check them out and learn the basics.

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