Full Arch Protocols: Immediate Load & Conversion

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Full Arch Protocols: Immediate Load & Conversion

The goal of this continuum is to give dentists the ability to confidently diagnose, treatment plan, perform the all-on-x surgery with immediate conversion and perform all necessary prosthetic steps to deliver the final prosthetic. This is a three-part continuum where dentists will follow the same patient from treatment plan to final prosthetics, after the appropriate amount of healing time. Participating doctors will learn all the crucial steps required to perform a successful surgery, conversion, and prosthetic steps relating to the final restoration. During the course of the continuum, participating doctors will concurrently work up a case of their own that by the end of the continuum will have proficiency to complete in their own practice. Subsequently the participating doctors will also be able to submit this case for use in ABOI credentialing.

Full Arch Protocols: Immediate Load & Conversion

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Full Arch Protocols: Immediate Load & Conversion

Tempe, AZ
Oct 19
Oct 20, 2023
Oct 19, 2023
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Implant Pathway faculty members lead a live surgical course on the placement of Full Arches using Surgical Guides.

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Dr. Holtzclaw
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Register for Sessions 2/3 or 4 and Session 1 is Included

Session 2/3: Hands-On & Lecture



Session 2/3: Hands-On & Lecture

Sessions 2/3 take place over 3 days and involve didactic and hands-on exercises.

Session 1-4: Live Surgery



Session 1-4: Live Surgery

Live surgery patient education, right here in the USA.

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