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These motors are wonderful and economical ways to display your spinner motors inside. Use them in the corner of a room that has 'still' air, or where you want magical movement. Not only for spinners, these motors work for any project needing rotating motion, and for items that love to turn, such as signs, small hanging fairies, and so on.

Our beautiful hooks are meant for outdoor use, to suspend chimes, spinners, bird houses, signs, and so on.

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20 rpm motor


Indoor Spinner Motor - 20 RPM

This octagonal motor runs on one "D" cell
battery (not included). It will spin our Cosmix wind spinners indoors, and will work with other items that you might like to run indoors. In our tests, it spun a large Cosmix for 3 weeks of continuous operation.

Maximum load is about 3 pounds.

Approx 7" long, this motor rotates between 15-25 RPM with a fresh battery. Color is black. Has On-Off switch.

Item WC-CSM4      $8.99

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hanger hooks

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Hanger Hooks

These 15" hooks are made of solid steel with a nickel-plated finish. Just the right length and strong enough to suspend windchimes, spinners, feeders, plants and most anything else.

15" smoked steel with nickle finish.

WC-CSH1      $1.99  

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